Boat lessons


Ever wondered what it’s like to navigate your own canal boat? Perhaps you’re considering buying a boat of your own/hiring one for a waterways holiday and would like a trial run.


Look no further as Imperium offers lessons in becoming captain of the boat for the day. Learn how to fill the header tank up, pump the stern gland which, operates the prop shaft that spins the propeller to make sure it’s greased and the general checks on the engine, before starting the ignition.


Once you’re on your way, you’ll learn how to moor up and push off away from the shore (untying and tying the ropes with the knots) steering and navigating the waterways with other boats – sounding your horn to warn oncoming traffic and access the locks. You’ll also open and close the locks for raising and lowering your boat to allow for the different levels of water on the canals.

All this and a lot more as you take in the sights, whilst learning how to captain your boat and take charge of the waterways. At a cost of £30 for one hour lesson, it’s well worth the experience and fun that comes with taking control of the tiller!